Why create your digital TV channel?

A few years ago, creating a TV channel was reserved for an insider’s world. It was necessary to reach agreements with Internet Service Providers, audiovisual production was very expensive, but on the other hand revenues were very low because there were too many existing channels. In short, it wasn’t easy to jump into the worldRead More

Why does your company need to develop its own TV channel?

Your company would benefit from developing its digital TV channel and using a dedicated streaming platform and video-on-demand service. First take a look at our video trailer… Gather your video content and broadcast your channel everywhere thanks to inSCREEN.tv. Broadcast your media, programs, videos and “Live” on your own channel. What could be more naturalRead More

Why does your brand deserve its own digital TV channel?

First of all, discover thanks to our video trailer, why a brand should implement its own digital TV channel thanks to our video streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) platform. Television is no longer reserved for the audiovisual world alone! It’s possible, yes. Broadcast your news, programs, videos and “Live” on your own channel. Address your prospects,Read More